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"Your business is your brand, your brand is you!" 
Brittny Fitzgerald
Founder of DIY Girl INC

About DIY Girl INC

About the owner

DIY Girl INC is a consulting-based agency specializing in the development, reform and growth of small to mid-scale businesses. Founded on the principles of integrity, DIY Girl INC strives to help businesses maximize growth for their company and increase revenue. We are built on trust, quality & effectiveness. Business owners trust us with the quality in our services & the effectiveness to get-it-done.

My name is Brittny Fitzgerald and I created DIY GIRL INC so I can help entrepreneurs develop, reform and grow their businesses!
As a wife & mommy with the problem-solving ability of a TI-89, I help business owners like you create the foundation to start the process of scaling your business or reforming it. Being a Professional Business Analyst with a unique approach, I help create the formula that you need to start allowing your business to work for you.

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Service Kits Offered

'Not Your Average Brand' Social Media Kit

Pricing begins at $150

  • Creating the perfect social strategy, using personalized algorithms.
  • ​Audience profiling tricks
  • Use the tools to build a loyal community of support based on your business needs.

Brand Mappin' for Success Kit 

Pricing begins at $250

  • Help you build a solid foundation for your business
  • ​Personalized Brand Map tailored to your business
  • Includes: logo, colors/patterns, layout funnel & so much more!

DIY Strategy Session

Pricing begins $50/hr

  • Exchange productive ideas and receive feedback 
  • 1-on-1 prepped consultation 
  • Targeted ideas focused on your business with a DIY Business Profile Analysis

Individual Service List Includes:

Schedule a consult below to see which individual service best suits your business needs!

  • Funnel 'Face-Lift'    -Simple re-design and UP your design game on your already existing page  $100/pg
  • Optin-Funnel For your Email List       -2 page funnel plus 1 follow-up email setup/integration      $297
  • Sales Funnel for Conversion          -2 page funnel + 2 follow-up emails & setup/integration    $747
Yes, I need you to show me how to succeed!

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